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The 5 Best Raspberry Pi Touchscreens for Creative Projects

Need a touchscreen for your Raspberry Pi?

You’re in luck.

There are lots of great options. In fact, you’ll probably get some new ideas for projects while you scan this list too.

The touchscreens listed here can be used for various uses, from portable gaming, dual-screen setups, and even PC monitoring screens.

Keep reading to find the top picks.

These touchscreens are all compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 and 3. Some offer support for models 2 and 1 as well.

Raspberry Pi touchscreens

You might be aware that there is an official Raspberry Pi touchscreen, but while it’s a decent product, you can check the reviews to see how it’s falling short of most buyers’ expectations.

The touchscreens presented here all have higher ratings and more interesting features than the official one.

There are a few features, in particular, to keep an eye out for when considering your touchscreen:

  • Screen size (ranges from 5-12.3″)
  • Speakers
  • RPi back mount
  • Mounting tabs

Most people know to check the screen quality and resolution, but these extra features are really what sets each product apart. Speakers and RPi mounts are particularly tough to find, so keep these in mind if they’re important for your project.

Now without further ado, here are my top picks for the best Raspberry Pi touchscreen.

  • 1. Lebula Portable 7" Screen


    This is the overall best touchscreen to buy. The 7″ size is portable yet large enough to view at a distance, it has a special mount on the back just for RPis, and it has built-in speakers, which is uncommon for these touchscreens.

    Get this touchscreen

    Lebula Portable 7" Screen

  • 2. SunFounder 10" Toushscreen


    If you’re looking for something a bit bigger, this 10″ screen from SunFounder is an excellent choice. It’s made specifically for Raspberry Pi’s and features 1280×800 resolution, which is perfect for the Pi.

    Get this touchscreen

    SunFounder 10" Touchscreen

  • 3. Elecrow 10.1" Pi screen


    This large touchscreen display is packed with features. It has speakers, menu and volume buttons, a headphone jack, and a wide variety of inputs. It works great with Pi’s and can also work well for phones and gaming consoles.

    Get this touchscreen

    Elecrow Touchscreen

  • 4. EVICIV 12.3" Touchscreen


    At 12.3″, this screen is comparable to a standard laptop screen, making it less portable by great for viewing and larger touch targets on the screen. It’s got all the inputs you need to run your Pi on it and works great with both 16:9 and 3:2 screen resolutions. Plus, it has an attached magnetic case.

    Get this touchscreen

    EVICIV touchscreen

  • 5. Elecrow 5" Touchscreen


    If you primarily want a touchscreen to mount to a custom PC build or project you’ve created with your Raspberry Pi, this touchscreen is perfect. Despite its tiny size, it still functions well as a touchscreen and perhaps most importantly, it includes tab mounts for screwing into place.

    Get this touchscreen

    Elecrow 5" Touchscreen

Which touchscreen is best?

As you saw, there are lots of great options for a Raspberry Pi touchscreen.

While it might be tempting to go straight for the official touchscreen, it’s not one of your best options. The RPi keyboard and mouse are great, but they came up a bit short with the touchscreen display.

If you’re still unsure which touchscreen to pick, here’s a final recommendation.

The Lebula Raspberry Pi 7″ touchscreen is probably best for your needs. It has built-in speakers, a nice size display, a quality stand, and the option to mount your Pi to its back. There are also tab mounts in case you want to drill it into a custom PC build.

Regardless, I’d recommend you check the specs on each and pick out the one that’s right for you.

Thanks for browsing this collection of the best Raspberry Pi touchscreens!

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