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The 15 Best Raspberry Pi 4 Cases in 2020

Tired of your old case?

Breathe new life into your Pi with a fresh case from this collection.

Whether you’re interested in a new look for an old Pi or high-quality protection for a new one, you’ll find what you need here.

The cases featured here were designed for the Raspberry Pi 4. They may not fit properly for other variations.

The top cases for your Raspberry Pi 4

I’ve assembled a collection of all the coolest and best-designed Raspberry Pi cases I could find.

The cases here are diverse in style and use a wide variety of materials from aluminum to plastic to acryllic. There are some really beautiful cases and a few novelty cases that I couldn’t pass up on.

The price for a case ranges from $4.99 to $39.90, but most cost around $12 making them generally affordable.

Anyways, I think that’s more than enough introduction, so without further ado, here are my top picks for the best Raspberry Pi 4 cases of 2020.

  • 1. Argon ONE


    The Argone ONE comes with a higher price tag, but it’s a genuinely premium case. There is a fan and built-in heatsinks for cooling, and a removable magnetic cover over the GPIO pins. Plus, they added labels for all the pins onto the case itself, which is super helpful.

    Get this case

    Argon One

  • 2. anidees Extra Height Aluminum Case


    While it’s the most expensive case on this list, this extra-tall case by anidees is beautiful and well-constructed. It’s got a nice weight to it, it’s strong, and it makes your Pi look like a museum exhibit.

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    anidees extra-tall aluminum case

  • 3. iUniker Magnetic Pi 4 Case


    Cool, clean style and some thoughtful design choices make this a top case for your Pi. The use of magnets allows you to build the case without any screws, and it includes two powerful cooling fans built-in.

    Get this case

    iUniker Magnetic Pi 4 Case

  • 4. GeeekPi Retro Gaming Case


    Turn your Pi into a miniature NES with this case. It comes with rubber feet and access to all the ports (but not GPIO pins), and includes a built-in fan.

    Get this case

    geeekpi gaming case

  • 5. Smraza Case


    This case has an interesting nine layer design with a partially exposed interior that gives it a real gadget-y look. Since it’s made with acryllic, it won’t disrupt your Pi’s Wifi signal.

    Get this case

    Smraza Case

  • 6. MazerPi Case


    This is a really affordable and smartly designed case. You can screw it tightly shut and the GPIO pins stay exposed on the right side.

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    mazerpi case

  • 7. GeeekPi Case with ICE Tower Cooler


    Looking for something more eccentric? The Ice Tower Cooler has a colorful and techy look that will turn heads. Not to mention, it will absolutely keep your Pi cool.

    Get this case

    geeekpi ice tower

  • 8. Argon NEO Heatsink Case


    This case has a modern design, but it’s stand-out feature is the sliding top. This makes it really easy to expose the GPIO pins when needed.

    Get this case

    neo case

  • 9. GeeekPi Case w/ Stand


    Another case by GeeekPi, this one comes with a cool stand that makes it look like a gaming PC. You can stand it upright or on its side.

    Get this case

    GeeekPi standing case

  • 10. Official Raspberry Pi 4 Case


    You can’t go wrong with the official Raspberry Pi 4 case. It features a simple and clean look with clearly labeled ports. The case snaps right together making it easy to assemble and disassemble if needed.

    Get this case

    Official Raspberry Pi 4 Case

  • 11. Miuzei


    This case is made with acryllic and has aluminum heatsinks for improved cooling and rubber feet to prevent surface abrasion. It also includes a power cord with a handy on/off switch attached.

    Get this case

    Miuzei Case

  • 12. Flirc Aluminum Case


    This design is sleek and gorgeous. Even better, as an aluminum case, it’s very sturdy and handles cooling better than plastic and most other materials.

    Get this case

    flirc aluminum case

  • 13. Vilros Clear Case


    If you’re looking for a simple transparent case, this one is an excellent choice. You’ll maintain access to all the ports and protect your Pi, but still get to show off the beautiful circuit board.

    Get this case

    Vilros clear case

  • 14. MazerPi ABS Case


    If you want a simple and cheap case, the Mazier ABS case is for you. This no-frills case is easy to put together and includes a quiet fan.

    Get this case

    MazerPi ABS Case

  • 15. GeeekPi Cluster Case


    If you need to stack your Pi’s, this cluster case by GeeekPi is an excellent option. It’s easy to assemble, sturdy, and has a simple clean design.

    Get this case

    GeeekPi cluster case

Which Raspberry Pi case is best?

What did you think?

There are some excellent cases available for the Raspberry Pi 4. I tried to inlude a good variety of styles and materials in this collection.

While some are more practical than others, my favorite is the Argon ONE due to its excellent design and the magnetic removeable cover over the pins. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, the extra-tall case by anidees is downright gorgeous.

Only highly-rated cases made it into this collection, so you shouldn’t expect issues with shipping and handling, or obvious design flaws. It’s simply a matter of personal preference and the needs to your project.

If you have questions about any of these cases, or there’s another case that you think should have made the list, post in the comments section below.

My Favorite RPi Products

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